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There are places where riding seems an impossible dream.
For many years we wanted to be there, and then we bought tickets, packed kites and boarded the plane.
And at dawn, circling over Avachinskaya Bay, we felt in love. With Kamchatka.
With smoking volcanoes, the wayward wind, the unimaginably beautiful and complex terrain the rumble of helicopter blades and volcanic sand on the Pacific coast.

Dare to join us!
Every year, the Manera team goes to an unusual place for kitesurfing and often this place is more icy than tropical to make a video around which their annual communication will be organized.
This summer, after 4 years of preparatory work on the project, world champions flew to Kamchatka:
Camille Delannoy
Mallory de la Willemark
Paul Serin
Maxim Shablos
Here is the result - Kororo.
Take your time, settle down more conveniently and discover adventures in the rhythm of Kororo.
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Kamchatka is one of the most interesting places for snowkiting and traveling.
It's all about terrain and absolutely crazy landscapes!

Local snowkiting spots have a very diverse on terrain, which allows you to experience the whole palette of excitement from riding in the hills, volcanoes, and in the couloirs. It all has long been chosen by lovers of Kamchatka heliski.

Kamchatka is harsh and does not forgive mistakes: there is a high avalanche danger level, and the wind often behaves unpredictably and impulsively.

So PRO SNOWKITE CAMP is created for intermediate skiers and confident kite riders who are not confused in a difficult situation.

In winter on the Kamchatka Peninsula there are no roads. And to get to the spots special equipment is required.
So we decided to kill two birds with one stone and combined snowkiting with snowmobile safari.

Every morning guests of the Country of Volcanoes will find experienced guides and snowmobile support, in otder to comfortably dispatch to ride to the most interesting spots.
And, of course, together to explore the scenic, wild and snow-covered nature of Kamchatka.

We have no limits.

Vilyuchinskoe plateau
The most epic Kamchatka snowkite with unforgettable views is situated at an altitude of 700 meters at the foot of the volcano Vilyuchinsky surrounded by an amount of white hills. It is one of the most interesting snowkite routes: from the plateau we are be able to get to the mountain lakes Zelenoye and Topolovoe. The thickness of the snow cover on the plateau in April is more than 10 meters.
Lake Zelenoe
The mountain lake Zelenoe is surrounded by kilometer-long hills from the south and nord.
Lake Topolovoe
High-mountain lake Topolovoe is for experienced riders who are crazy about the terrain and, for sure, the beauty of the Kamchatka wildlife.
Vilyuchinsky pass
One of the snowiest places on the Kamchatka Peninsula and the second largest Kamchatka pass, which reaches an attitude of 1000 meters above sea level.
In fine weather the pass offers spectacular views of the 9 volcanoes peaks.

Gorely volcano caldera
The main feature is a close arrangement of an active volcano Gorely, the diameter of which is 20-25 km away. It is on the South of the Peninsula. Snowkite has a terrain which offers spectacular panoramic views of the volcanoes and the endless snow fields with a height difference of from 100 to 350 meters. Plateau itself is at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level and is constantly blown with East or West winds.
Volcano Mutnovsky
There is an active volcano, at the foot of which wild hot springs are.
They are called Mini Valley of geysers, due to the hot gases passing through the cold streams, creating the effect of natural flow and soaring of the earth's surface.
Lake Big Viluy and the Pacific Ocean
Lake Big Viluy is located on the southeastern coast of Kamchatka and connects with the Pacific Ocean by a narrow channel.
The kitespot is full of the ocean views of the island Starichkov also known Kamchatsky birdhouse.

It is better to see the Kamchatka Peninsula and its main sights from the porthole of the helicopter. Than hundred times to hear about it.
This is an absolutely unique experience.

So, one day we spent and helicopter trip to the Pacific Ocean.

Guests of the Country of volcanoes can enjoy a combined program: snow slopes with crazy terrian, flying around the craters of the active volcanoes, tour to the picturesque bay of the Pacific Ocean.

Those who have long wanted to fly by helicopter can do it in one the best freeride places in the world and be the first to ride in deep powder.
In case of good weather, you can go down into the crater of the volcano. For those who are interested in natural attraction, you can get to most of its deserted corners, see the unique nature and wildlife of Kamchatka, see the peninsula from the water and watch the mighty sea lions. And of course, have lunch on the cost of the Pacific Ocean.

In addition, we have a few secret fabulous places that we definitely want to show you.

We reserve the right to choose where to stay based on weather conditions and avalanche danger for the safety of the entire group.
We love what we do and appreciate the helpful attitude.
And therefore working with partners who share our values.
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E-Mail: countryofvolcanoes@gmail.com

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